The Joy of Nipple and Breast Play

Breasts, what wonderful creations they are! Breast and nipple play by yourself can be a great way to change your self-pleasure routine. Breasts are perfectly designed to bring pleasure to women and it just takes a bit of practice to maximize the enjoyment and enhance some orgasms to great orgasms. Remember girls, it doesn’t matter what shape, size or color your breasts are, but take into account that every breast is different and some women will like a lot of stimulation while others may get aroused with just the slightest touch. It is key, to remember that you will derive the most pleasure by symmetrical stimulation by either playing with both breasts at once or giving an equal amount of time to each breast individually.

Ok, let’s get started. Begin by slowly brushing the palms of your hands over the whole breast in a soft circular motion and working them or massaging them gently. This is a great way to learn the contours of your breast and a good time to listen to how your body responds and enjoy the sensations you are feeling. To enhance the moment you can add some warm massage oil which will leave your breasts smooth, more aroused and will give them a gentle warming sensation. Once you start to feel aroused, work yourself into a rhythm by repeating the moves that triggered this arousal several times. Staying consistent with this stimulation is important, so if you are working in a clockwise motion, do that for both breasts.

Here is a suggestion of sensually arousing, repetitive nipple play. Place your palm over the entire breast. With the nipple in the centre of your palm fan out your fingers, then bring them in toward the nipple and finish off with a slight pinch. Now repeat. Remember to pay attention to how your body is reacting at all times. Pay attention to what feels good and experiment a little more, but always repeating what feels good to you.

For some women it is possible to suck on their own breasts. It may sound strange or a bit odd at first, but if you are willing to give it a try it may just get you hot. And if that is the case then why not go with the flow. Begin with small licks or even blowing on and around your breasts working towards the nipple and gradually transition from licking to sucking. Play around with what feels good from hot breath, licking, sucking and maybe even a bit of biting if you are tempted to do so. Just remember that nipple play is all about experimentation and like all self-pleasure is all about the individual. You can experiment with temperature from hot massage oil to the cold wetness of an ice cube. It is all up to you how far you are willing to let your imagination take you.

Remember that like all other self pleasure techniques, take your time, relax and don’t rush. I will now guide you through a nipple play routine for those a bit more daring and those looking for a more intense experience.

Remove only your upper body clothing so you will not distract yourself with your lower body sexual temptations! This is all about the nipples! Now gently run your finger tips over your breasts, avoiding the nipple areas, for five minutes. Resist the temptation to grab hold of your nipples, just hold back and wait! After five minutes, your breasts should start to tingle and your nipples should become very erect. Only now are you allowed to touch them, but only with gentle strokes. At this point, you feel your vagina starting to crave some attention, but your urges have to be suppressed for now! Keep playing with your erect nipples for ten minutes. After ten minutes have passed squeeze and twist your nipples repeatedly, while occasionally pinching the nipples and rest of the breasts for three minutes. As your nipples will enjoy the attention the most, little time need to be spent on the rest of the breast. Now for the finally, put clips on your nipples for five minutes (I recommend cloth pins or adjustable nipple clamps). This will produce a painfully delicious sensation! As this painful, pleasurable, erotic sensation is taking place, touch your vagina and begin to masturbate. This will give you one of the most intense and quickest orgasms you will ever have.

Thank you for taking the time reading my blog. Please be careful and safe, email me with any questions or concerns you may have or with any blog topic ideas.


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