Analingus 101

In this blog, I am going to delve into an area that gets a bad rep and has a high “ewe” factor. Analingus is a highly erotic, deeply intimate and extremely pleasurable experience. Don’t just dismiss the idea because it sounds gross, if you open yourself up to new intimate and sexual experiences your love life is certain to kick into high gear.

A word of caution before you start poking around your partner’s backside, make sure that they are ok with it! Believe it or not some people are not ok with this and will not react gently when they feel an "intruder” in their rear. Generally speaking men are most uncomfortable with this idea initially because of taboos of alleged homosexual behavior. Let me put your mind at rest by saying that anal play is thoroughly enjoyed and accepted by heterosexuals as well.

If you want to try analingus, but your partner does not. I should not have to say this, but I will, “do not force them or make them do something they are not comfortable with”! You have a much better chance that they will be accepting of analingus if you bring up the topic gently on occasion and help them open up to this experience by getting them comfortable in the area and with the idea.

Now without stating the obvious, cleanliness is essential (and next to Godliness) with this kind of activity and is highly suggested with all forms of anal play. Before engaging in Analingus, make sure to thoroughly wash the area well with a mild antibacterial soap. A warm bath or a shower is a great primer as it softens the tissue and can be a great start to the intimacy to follow. Licking this area is truly no different than licking any other area and is stimulating, both for the giver and the receiver.

Now let’s get started. I would not recommend just jumping in or even going too close to the anus, but explore the inner thighs and their bottom (butt) with your hands first, then your mouth. Unfortunately a lot of people (especially women) have had bad experiences with anal play in their past. This is mostly because their partner was uneducated, moved much too fast, less gently than they should have been and did not communicate their actions or intentions clearly to their partner. If you have had a bad experience or are hesitant for any reason talk about it with your partner. By learning what went wrong or what hesitations you or your partner may have, you can prevent a bad experience from happening or repeating itself.

Access to the anus is a little tougher than to a vagina, but there are several positions that are ideal for analingus. Laying the receiver on their back with a large pillow to arch their bottom up, the receiver positioned over the giver's face, the receiver bent over with legs spread, the receiver lying on their back pulling their legs back and if you want to get really creative the receiver upside down with their legs spread.

A good way to start performing analingus is to move into it after fellatio or cunnilingus takes place. That is when the area is highly sensitive and super aroused. There are many sexual sensory nerve-endings around the anus that make this form of sex-play an absolute pleasure for both men and women. Run the tongue around in circular motions and use it to tickle and tease. If and when you are both ready for it, penetration should not be out of the question, but I must reiterate the cleanliness aspect as this is crucial to an enjoyable experience.

Please make certain that if penetration of the anus occurs with the tongue, it should not be put anywhere else until cleansed, so save that for the grand finally or keep a cup of Listerine handy. Using an antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine and/or a through teeth brushing will do the trick to clean up afterword. I must stress that carelessness in cleanliness can cause a serious infection so don’t slack in this department.

Now that you are ready to go, turn off the taboo and get turned on!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog, please feel free to email me with any questions you may have or topic ideas you would like for me to discuss.


  1. being a woman, i know how lovely it feels for a woman to be treated that way.


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