Make Up Sex Fact or Fiction

In the times when words do not work, when you can hardly remember why you bother with a relationship, when you are so angry at your partner you can’t even think. These times are begging for the best sex you may ever have. It is not the easiest intimacy to initiate because you have to jump over a couple of big egos to get to a place where the wisdom of your body will lead. The physical intimacy of sex, gives pleasure that has natural healing powers that can bring anger and emotional tension to an end.

In a relationship, there are many aspects that comprise the bonding between partners. One of the ways that partners develop and maintain closeness between them is physical intimacy. Sex is more than just a pairing of bodies that result in a very good feelings, it is a combining of spirits, hearts, thoughts, and feelings.

In every relationship (even the very best ones) there are going to be times that come up when the two of you don't agree about something, lose your tempers, or for some other reason, end up in what is referred to as a "fight". At these times, you may feel distant from one another; have feelings of hurt, sadness, anger, resentment, and other negative emotions that are brought about by arguments. This is where make up sex comes in. There are many benefits to sharing physical intimacy with each other as a form of making up and statistically it ends the “fight” or argument in most cases.

One benefit of make up sex is that you are able to put aside your differences for the time that you are together. As you enjoy each other in a physical way, you are certainly not thinking about who is right about this or that, your argument, or what should be done about the toilet seat etc. Your minds should be focused on something much better than that, focused two things actually. You should be focused on your own pleasure and what makes make up sex even more beneficial, is that you are also focused on giving pleasure to your partner.

Sex also provides a release of hormones that create a feeling of euphoria. When you are sharing in these feelings, it will melt away all of those negative emotions that have been created by the fight. The anger and hurt is consumed by love, sensuality and happiness. This is a wonderful way to patch things up after an argument. When you are making love, you are as close to one another as you can possibly be. There is touching, caressing, hugging and kissing going on. With that kind physical intimacy, it is very difficult to remain angry at your partner.

You may feel that make up sex is just a Band-Aid that is put over the real problem or a temporary fix of sorts, but it really is not that at all. Most of our disagreements and arguments within a relationship are really not that important in the grand scheme of things. They are about trivial things, often even caused by nothing more than stress that gets taken out on our partner. The sex doesn't cover that stress up, it erases it, but no matter if sex solves the problem temporarily or not, the time you two are together, your love is first, not the fight.

In conclusion, make up sex is normal and healthy. Not only can it be extremely passionate, it can also sustain intimacy during tough times. Furthermore, (if you think about it) it is natural to feel aroused after an argument as adrenaline and dopamine levels rise, giving you that excited feeling and sometimes it can be a good substitute for foreplay. On a side note, if it takes a blowout to get you sexually aroused, you should consider talking to a relationship or intimacy counselor.

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