Anyone who pays for an annual gym membership and uses it only for a few months knows that realistically fitting a regular workout into your daily routine is a lot easier said than done. However there is one form of exercise that, done right, you're guaranteed to want to make time for. According to the Kinsey Institute the average human loses almost five pounds a year through just having routine sex. That's right ladies, sex isn't only about pleasure. If you read a bit further you will discover that with some energy and a bit of imagination sex can provide a great workout too.

A hot session of sex can burn approximately 350-500 calories every 20 minutes. A full one hour yoga class burns approximately 115 calories and a brisk half-hour walk 150 calories. Keep in mind, it is not only the act of intercourse that will burn calories, kissing alone burns between 60-90 calories in 15 to 20 minutes. A passionate half hour of oral sex and you can add another 120 calories burnt. Having an orgasm alone will burn 50-75 calories, depending on its intensity. A 30 minute vigorous masturbation session can burn up to 150 calories. Furthermore, sexual activity increases blood flow to your organs which floods them, the surrounding muscles and the cells with a surge of fresh oxygen and hormones. This assists in the removal of waste products as the blood flushes and is vigorously replaced in the muscles and cells. The endorphins released by sexual pleasure, will help relieve stress, alleviate pain and boost your immune system. Some even say that sex can help lower your cholesterol. So some good sex per day will keep the doctor away.

To get the most of out of a good sex session, you will need to do a bit more than lie back and wait for your orgasm. Twenty five percent (25%) of couples admit to only having sex in the missionary position which can be nice and enjoyable, but not rewarding fitness wise. To achieve maximum workout potential during sex creativity is the name of the game. Get active by regularly changing positions, this will keeps you moving and burn more calories. Keep in mind that any position that puts you in equal or greater control of the sex, keeps you in control of the energy you are expending. To target specific areas of the body, you need to think about what a position involves. Being on top will get your thighs working, but to feel the burn, shift your weight into your feet rather than your knees. Use the muscles in your thighs and butt to control your thrusts, leaning back onto your hands will work your upper arms as well. The idea of FitSex is to use as much of your body as possible. Arch your back, move your hips, work your stomach with back and forth thrusts. All of these things will get the calories burning while toning specific body parts.

Forget your personal trainer and ditch the treadmill. Your partner may be the only fitness resource you will ever need as more passion burns more calories. You and your lover can get fit and increase the frequency of a workout by simply increasing the frequency and intensity of sex. Here are some positions that will help with your FitSex routine.

The Catcher’s Mit
Start out by squatting over your man’s erect penis in a “catcher's position”. In this position you can use your PC muscles to catch his penis and clench it tight (this will put an intimate and erotic twist on your routine Kegel exercises). You can then put your hands anywhere on his body for support and move up and down. This will work your inner thighs, calves, butt, PC muscle, abs, forearms and biceps. It will also allow you to have better control of the depth and pace of the penetration and you can vary it to tease your partner and to make things a bit more interesting. This up and down motion will create different sensations than the regular “woman on top” position in which you are lying down on your man, or in a straddle moving back and forth. You will also be in better control of your orgasm. With deep penetration you can stimulate your G-spot and shallow penetration will stimulate the edge of the vaginal opening. If you lean back your clitoris can be stimulated as well. Your man can lift his head and contract his stomach muscles to watch you and by maintaining this position it will give his abdomen a hard workout. Have him reach forward and caress your body or rub your clit. He should feel the tension and clench tighter as he starts to feel the burn.

Down and Doggy
This position is very similar to the standard “doggy style” position, but with a few variations. After your man penetrates you from behind in a regular doggy style position, lean down and support your weight on your elbows. Maneuver the penetration by slightly arching your back or raising yourself a bit while being fucked. Your man should lift one leg and bend it forward rather than kneeling on both knees or standing. This will places direct pressure on your G-spot and will intensifying your climax. You will be working your triceps while in this position and your man will work his thighs when his leg stays raised and he should switch legs halfway through to even out the toning and it will allow your G-spot to be stimulated from a different angle.

The Air Straddle
In this position, your man is sitting up. Climb onto him and let him penetrate you while your legs are raised in the air in a straddle. Hold on to his neck with your hands while he rocks back and forth. This will work your arms, stomach and legs. Your man will tone his arms while supporting your body, will strengthen his legs from the support he is providing to you and tone his lower back muscles while in the rocking motion.

The Wheelbarrow
This FitSex position may require an bit a strength and agility, but feel free to give it a try. Lie on your stomach with your knees slightly off the edge of the bed with your legs open and loose. Your man will stand behind you and will lift your legs up toward him until he is able to penetrate you from behind. After he is inside of you, bend your legs and wrap them around him. Lock your feet together at the ankles and your man will hold with his hands and rests you on his thighs. This will tone your triceps and lower back. If you are feeling ambitious, you can try having your man walk around the room while in this position.

The Cardio Cum
While out and about or even at home get yourselves worked into a sexual frenzy. When you get to that point when you want to feel him inside of you, stop everything, find a private spot, spread-eagle and have your man fuck you anywhere you are. The passion of the moment will cause your man to thrust deep and hard and this creates mega heat, a good sweat and a racing heart in a minimal amount of time. Plus the novelty of doing it somewhere new is hot and erotic in itself.

The Squatting Eagle
This position is a great workout for your abs and butt. While lying on your back with your butt lifted off the floor (you can use a pillow or a wedge), extend your legs straight in the air and spread em. Your man will squat to enter you which will be working his quads and if he uses his arms for support, he will work his triceps as well.

T-remendous Orgasm
Lie on your side while your man kneels and straddles your bottom leg perpendicularly at a right angle to you forming T and then penetrates you. Extended your top leg upward and let your man gently support it. This is a great position for deep penetration and will expose the hooded clit for tremendous stimulation. This double stimulation is very gratifying and will lead to a Tremendous Orgasm.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or topic ideas. Have a wonderful and fit weekend.


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