Bloody Hell!

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I am going to touch on a subject matter that is a bit messy, but nonetheless healthy.

Masturbation during your period will actually help relieve cramps, it will make your period shorter and the added bonus is you feel good whilst normally you would be feeling rather crappy. I would recommend that you try this while in the shower, that way you can make sure things stay neat and clean.

According to a recent survey 78% of women get much more aroused during and around the time of their period. So masturbation during your period may be extremely satisfying as well as a new sensation of arousal for you. For those of you who are already saying “well I don’t know about this”, here is a bit of information just for you. While sexually aroused menstrual blood flow slows and typically stops until orgasm it achieved.

So you might ask. How does masturbation during my period help relieve cramps and make it shorter? The answers are quite simple. When your period begins the uterine lining produces chemicals called prostaglandins. Their release provokes muscular contractions that constrict uterine blood vessels which causes the uterus to shed its lining which starts your period. Prostaglandins are also responsible for the uterine muscle contractions that some women feel as cramps. When an orgasm occurs you have very similar, but much more intense muscle contractions (to cramps) however the endorphins released during sexual arousal and orgasm are natural pain killers and “take over” the prostaglandin chemical. So now you actually have killed two birds with one stone. You have replaced painful, icky muscle contractions (cramps) with waves of pleasure (remember the endorphins) from your orgasm and you have hyper charged your uterine contractions with your orgasm. These intense contractions are significantly stronger than the typical muscle contractions the body uses to shed the uterine lining therefore the body sheds almost double the amount of the uterine wall after orgasm (shorter period). Furthermore, during masturbation you are flushing out your vaginal canal. This clears any residual menstrual blood from the vagina and will help alleviate spotting, therefore creating one less day or so of your period to deal with.

One other topic in regard to this issue that I would like to touch on is mutual intimacy with your partner when you have your period. There is no reason why you cannot be intimate with your partner while on your period. Here are a few ideas on how you can keep things hot.
  • You can wear a tampon or cup and your partner can stimulate your erogenous zones and clit to bring to to orgasm while you return the favor.
  • Sexually stimulating your partner with oral sex an erotic strip show or just talking dirty can help them relieve any pent up sexual desires they may have and show them that they still light your fire.
  • Anal play is always a good alternative and it can give you a reason to try out something new.
  • Have sex or mutually masturbate while in the shower.
I wish everyone a healthy and stimulating week. Please feel free to email me with any questions, comments or topic ideas, as I would love to hear from you. Don't forget to tune in Monday night at 10pm (EST) for the G Spot Show


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