Big O, Bigger O, Biggest O

I am frequently asked; “Are there really different kinds of orgasms?” To put it in a nutshell yes, but there are no universally identified types of orgasms. To add a little bit more to the confusion, these days numerous magazines are always touting headlines about “the secret to great orgasms” or “have your best orgasm ever” (blah blah blah). This is called a “fad orgasm” these are the orgasms created for marketing purposes to sell self help books, DVDs, and sex toys. All the information in these articles may be true for the so called “sex expert” who is telling you about them, but probably won’t hold much truth for you or anyone else.

You shouldn’t look at an orgasm like a product you can buy in tiers, such as big, bigger or biggest. Think of an orgasm like a raindrop. No two are alike; some make you damp, some can get you soaked, they can be big or small and usually they can’t be accurately forecast when they’ll come.

Some of the orgasm names below were originally termed by Dr. Betty Dodson however the information contained within these terms on this blog are my own.

The G Spot Orgasm
I dedicated an entire blog to this and if you need a refresher then click here, but finding your g-spot can be fun, and you never know what you may learn in the process.

The Tension Orgasm
This orgasm is derived from direct and intense stimulation while holding your breath and tensing your body and muscles. This type of an orgasm offers an intense build up followed by a sudden release and is most common in young women due to the fact that they usually need to remain quiet. Chances are good that you have had one of these types of an orgasm already, but at a much younger age. Why not give this one a try the next time you want to have an intense orgasm.

The Relaxation Orgasm
As I am sure you all know by reading my previous blogs, relaxation is the key to a good and satisfying orgasm. The relaxation orgasm is not derived from intensity, but from deep relaxation during stimulation. Start with relaxation breathing (slow and steady breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth), close your eyes, and relax all of your muscles to release the tension in your body. Eventually the orgasm will sneak up on you with a gentle cum and usually leave you ready for a nap.

The Clitoral and Vaginal Orgasm
A clitoral orgasm is the direct result of clitoral stimulation and usually produces a much more “tingly” and intense orgasm. Whereas a vaginal orgasm is achieved solely through penetration and is usually a more relaxed and soothing type of orgasm. There are a lot of women that claim to need both clitoral and vaginal stimulation to achieve orgasm, but I have to disagree with these women. It is not that they need both to achieve orgasm, but they need both to achieve an orgasm quickly. I am in no way discounting a quick cum, but honey there is no need to rush into an orgasm, take some time to experience both of these different sensations. It may take a bit longer than you are used to, but it will be worth the wait.

The Combination Orgasm
A combination orgasm involves clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, vaginal muscle contractions, pelvic thrusting, breathing and vocalizing. Start out with basic clitoral stimulation until you feel a nice tingle, now stop. Insert a finger, dildo* or cucumber and start to slowly work it in and out until you start to feel stimulated then start to tighten and loosen your vaginal muscles in unison with your thrusting. Resume clitoral stimulation; begin your breathing and pelvic thrusting. Let your body take control and start to vocalize. Pretty soon intense waves of orgasmic feelings will wash over your body and your combination orgasm has been achieved. *I recommend a glass dildo for this exercise; check out Pyrexions Glass to find an exceptionally high quality piece at a great price.

The Pressure Orgasm
This orgasm comes from indirect stimulation by applying pressure to the vaginal/clitoral area. There is no rubbing or playing with yourself, just apply pressure by leaning heavily against a stationary object (you may have to readjust yourself to find a spot that feels good when the pressure is applied) then tighten and loosen your pelvic muscle until orgasm is achieved.

Multiple Orgasms
First and foremost you need to be able to distinguish between a multiple orgasm and the aftershock of a big orgasm. Many women mistake these aftershocks for orgasms, but they are really your highly stimulated nerve endings and muscles returning to their pre-orgasmic state. To achieve multiple orgasms you must focus on your initial orgasm and want to keep it going. I hear from a lot of women that they are too sensitive to continue stimulation after the initial orgasm, but it is this hypersensitivity that you need to achieve your next orgasm. If it feels to overwhelming to continue stimulation immediately after your first orgasm, take a 30 second break and continue. Use that feeling of over stimulation to bring you into your next orgasm and your next etc.

The Fantasy Orgasm
A fantasy orgasm is basically a wet dream while you are awake. It is to have an orgasm without any physical contact, but from mental or verbally spoken fantasy. This one will be a tough one to achieve for most people, but if you have a vivid imagination or someone with a super sexy voice you can listen to, you are off to a good start. My suggestion to achieve this type of orgasm is to set a relaxing room ambiance and simply get lost in your dirty thoughts or listen to your lover tell you an erotic story.

I hope that everyone found this information useful. Please feel free to comment or offer any suggestions. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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