What is female ejaculation and how can I "squirt" Part 3

Before I convince anyone to go off and squirt or make any efforts to learn how to ejaculate I need to stake my disclaimer. Studies show not all women will be able to ejaculate. Not to say that it cannot be learned as I am a good teacher. On that note female ejaculation should not be considered the be all and end all of orgasm for any woman. Many women who do not ejaculate have very satisfying, fulfilling and intense orgasms.

You may ask.. Why the hell should I try this if it may not work?

  1. The g-spot stimulation needed for ejaculation may probably cause a very satisfying type orgasm whether you ejaculate or not. This intense orgasm is certainly worth the effort put forth in trying to squirt.
  2. Developing your PC muscles, through Kegel exercises (exercisers available on VibratorShopping.com) can also have some great benefits, including helping non-orgasmic women achieve orgasm and intensifying the orgasms of already orgasmic women.
  3. If you are attempting to ejaculate together with the assistance of a partner there are a slew of benefits as well. Some of these benefits include a better quality sex life and a stronger relationship which is a direct result of the communication needed to achieve ejaculation.

Now that you are prepared for the adventure that lies ahead, let's get the juices flowing. One thing I as is that you please don't take out bits and pieces of what I am telling you to do and expect the same result. All of this information is important, otherwise I wouldn't have included it. Limiting your education on this subject only increases your chances of failure which will in turn make further attempts that much more difficult.

  1. Learn your body
    You will need to know where your g-spot is located and be familiar with the basics of female ejaculation (i.e. where the fluid comes from.. hint: not the vagina). If you need help with this please let me know and I will get you detailed information and diagrams.
  2. Practice Your Kegel Exercises
    Both women and men should do Kegel exercises to strengthen their PC muscles. Not only do they have numerous benefits such as increasing blood flow, it can help women achieve more intense orgasms and I ejaculation. (I will post a blog on Kegel Exercises in the near future)
  3. Communication
    Communication is the most important thing for any female wishing to learn how to ejaculate. Why you may ask? In order to ejaculate women need not just good but great stimulation and there is nothing that can ruin great stimulation more than a lover who does all the wrong things.

    For example, some women have very sensitive g-spots where direct, hard or fast manipulation is just too much. Perhaps the soothing vibration of a vibrator (available at VibratorShopping.com) is what you need. It could be that the feeling starts but then you need your partner to go faster and/or harder. Maybe your partner brings you oh so close, then gets himself or herself off then wonders off to make a sandwich or something. These are all things that need to be communicated with a partner to achieve your ultimate goal.

    Not only do you need to experiment to discover what works for you, you need to convey the information you find out to your partner if you want them involved. Regardless of whether or not you ejaculate, the improved communications in your relationship will not only strengthen your relationship, but open up a whole new world between you and your partner sexually.
  4. Learning to Relax the Urethra
    Women are programmed to act properly, especially when it comes to “bathroom manners” and ejaculation conflicts with that mentality. For those of you that are battling the subconscious resistance of our bodies, to close everything up tight when you are about to ejaculate, nothing is more important than re-teaching your mind as it is your mind that controls your muscles.

    In the case of female ejaculation, the part of your body that needs to be re-taught is the urethra. It allows urine to pass and just as with men, it allows ejaculation to occur. You have spent a lifetime teaching it to hold things in while you are in bed, now you have to teach it to let things out.

    So how do I do this?
    I would suggest that you begin by learning how to relax the urethra and urinate in places and in positions that you're not accustomed to.
      Here are some examples:
    • Standing
    • On your hands on knees
    • Laying on your back
    • Any position, while you're touching yourself
    • In front of your partner (if this is normally difficult for you)
    I would suggest the bathtub for most as it makes for a quick and easy clean up. Now as long as you can learn how to relax your urethra at will, you will have half the battle won.
  5. Learning to Relax Your Body
    When a woman who does not regularly ejaculate comes close to ejaculation for the first time she may tense up, arching her back and forcing her hips into the bed ultimately stopping it; or pull away stopping the sensation completely. This happens because of the intense feelings being brought on and because often the urge to 'pee' kicks in, causing a mental panic. You can learn to relax through this feeling and bring your body back under your control. Please see my Relaxation blog for full information and instructions.


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