Sleeping In The Nude

There has been a recent study about how sleeping in the nude is healthier for you. Why you ask?

There are a few good reasons.

Air being able to circulate around your skin promotes your pores to breath freely and increases circulation. Allowing air to flow freely around your genitals gives many benefits, such as; when women wear panties to bed, it traps moisture in which has been proven to promote yeast infections, and other bacterial growth in a warm insulated environment.

There are psychological and sexual health benefits that sleeping naked promotes. For example, when you are in a relationship, both partners being sleeping naked suggests intimacy and availability to one another. Sex is easier to initiate for both parties as there are no fabric “barriers” between you.

Ladies keep in mind that men are visual creatures that become visually stimulated by the sight of their woman’s naked body. Also the emotion of being wanted connects you to stimulation and pleasure.

Healthy sexuality and intimacy helps to induce sleep, and prevent insomnia due to the chemicals it releases in the brain.

For yourself, allowing yourself to sleep naked psychologically reaffirms your comfort in your own skin, the comfort in the body that you have and the place and person you live with. It has also been proven that people who sleep naked remember their dreams more as they do not have the constrictions of clothes physically, so mentally they feel more unrestricted.

I know a lot of women who insist on sleeping in a bra or tank top for breast health and to prevent “sag”. Research shows that it does not make any significant difference. However your skin’s elasticity, genetics, wearing good bras throughout your life does.

If you have small children that are prone to wandering into your bedroom unannounced, teach them to knock and this will be a good time to start teaching them appropriate privacy boundary rules.

Be free! Sleep nude! Live a little. It has been proven to be healthy for you… and it might end up being just a little more fun too.


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